Outdoor Blinds

Custom Made Outdoor Blinds

With outdoor blinds being such a popular addition to the home, you can rely on Rynamic to deliver your customers the highest quality blinds, and some of the most advanced shade mesh in Australia.  Outdoor blinds are a practical yet stylish way to define, protect and enclose outdoor areas for comfortable year-round use.

Built to Last

Our outdoor blinds are built to last, using quality parts and raw materials.  With a super smooth and easy spring assisted operation, outdoor blinds effortlessly glide in position, and are neatly held in place by side channels.  Side channels create a tighter seal between the interior and exterior and hold the blind in position to prevent noisy flapping in the wind.  All our outdoor blinds come with a vee-seal at the base of the bottom bar to prevent any marks or scratches on the floor.  With no unsightly pulleys, ropes or chains, outdoor blinds offer a sleek, modern and stylish outdoor shading solution.

Outdoor Blinds Benefits

Our stylish blinds come in both PVC and mesh options to create the ideal outdoor environment.


Create shade without compromising your view


Reduce glare and heat load


Protect your outdoor area from wind and rain


Keep insects out


Quick and easy to operate


UV stabilised to withstand the harsh sun

Mesh & PVC Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds come in both woven mesh or PVC options.

Mesh Outdoor Blinds

Mesh blinds are a stylish yet practical addition to an outdoor area. They create up to 85% shade to keep your outdoors cool and comfortable, yet still allow cool air/evening breeze to circulate.  With excellent protection from wind and rain, they look sleek and stylish and keep the insects out too.

Rynamic Industries have a huge range of fabrics to choose from so your customers will have an extensive choice of colours and textures to suit any decor.  Our woven mesh fabrics come in a superb range of colours, patterns and privacy levels.  The tighter the weave the higher the privacy level and shade protection.

PVC Outdoor Blinds

PVC blinds are great for customers wanting the option to fully enclose their outdoor area.  PVC blinds provide maximum protection from wind and rain with no loss of view. On cooler evenings they keep the heat inside an area creating a warm and snug space.

PVC blinds come in clear or tinted for added privacy.

Operating Options

Super easy to operate our Outdoor blinds. They come with 3 control options-

  • Spring assisted fingertip operation – simply pull the bar down to position the blind.
  • Hand Crank – pull the blind down using a winder.
  • Motorised – Outdoor blinds can be battery operated or hardwired to the mains for effortless, quick and easy operation