OUTDOOR Roller Shutter Wholesale and Supply Across Australia

With over 15 years of industry experience, Rynamic Industries has become a trusted and ‘go-to’ name for the wholesale supply & manufacture of custom-built outdoor roller shutters throughout Australia.

We value your business and your reputation, so we are dedicated to producing quality Australian-made roller shutters built to withstand the harsh Australian climate at competitive wholesale prices.

Thanks to our highly trained staff, rigorous quality control and exceptional customer service, we can expedite most custom-made roller shutters within 2 -5 business days


Reduction in heating & cooling costs

Built from tough and lightweight aluminium with a dense PU foam core, window roller shutters provide superior insulating properties.  Offering up to a 90% reduction in thermal transfer, outdoor roller shutters keep the cold out and the heat in during winter.

Noise Reduction

With a thick insulating PU foam core, outdoor roller shutters are highly effective at reducing exterior noise from traffic, airports and schools, having been found to reduce noise transfer by up to 50%.

Protection from the weather elements

UV stabilised to retain their colour, our curved profile and dense foam core offer optimum strength across each slat to provide a strong protective barrier to both the window and window frame against weather events such as bushfires and more.

Improved Security

With windows being one of the easiest entry points for a burglar, security roller shutters provide a strong physical barrier to entry and add an extra layer of safety, privacy and deterrent for thieves.

A wide variety of colours

With a fantastic range of colours and profiles to choose from, you can help your customers to create the perfect look for any home from modern to traditional.


Roller Shutter operating options


Hardwired systems are a more costly installation as they require a main connection for power.  Mains connected systems have a hardwired wall-mounted operating system which can be push button (switch), remote control or key operated.


Manually operated external roller shutters can be worked by a winder, by a strap or can be spring assisted.


Motorised roller shutters come in two main options – hardwired or battery-powered systems.

Battery Powered System

Our battery-powered units are a cost-effective way of motorising roller shutters. Battery units are wall-mounted with a push button (switch) controller and the option to add a hand-held remote control.