Wholesale outdoor blinds

Outdoor Blinds are a practical yet stylish way to define, protect and enclosure outdoor areas for a comfortable year-round use.


Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

With outdoor roller blinds being such a popular addition to the home, you can rely on Rynamic to deliver your customers the highest quality blinds, and some of the most advanced shade mesh in Australia.

Create shade without compromising your view

Everyone is aware that a PVC choice will provide excellent resistance against wind and rain without limiting the amount of natural light. While more transparent solutions will ultimately offer a better viewing experience, there will be a modest reduction in total privacy.

Reduce glare and heat load

Regarding insulation, outdoor roller blinds may be really useful. This is especially true during the hotter summer months, when some external blinds and awnings may prevent your home from heating up by blocking a significant amount of sunlight and UV radiation.

Protect your outdoor area from wind and rain

It is helpful to keep this in mind when searching through if you want to use your outside area all year long. After all, in the summer you’ll want to build safeguards against more intense UV rays, and in the winter you’ll need extra protection from wind and rain.

Keep insects out

The last thing your customers want when enjoying a wonderful summer barbeque is annoying insects like flies, mosquitos, and other insects flying around. Outdoor roller blinds block out mosquitoes and small creatures so your customers can enjoy quiet leisure time.

Quicky and easy to operate

Many outdoor roller blinds come with pulley and cord systems that are simple enough to operate, but you can take things a step further by motorizing them. When motorisation is implemented in certain builds and styles, it adds an extra layer of comfort and convenience to any home or business.

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Our wholesale outdoor blinds are a stylish and practical addition to an outdoor area. They create up to 85% shade to keep the outdoors cool and comfortable, yet still allow cool air/evening breeze to circulate.  With excellent protection from wind and rain, outdoor roller blinds look sleek and stylish and keep the insects out too.

Rynamic Industries have a huge range of fabrics to choose from so your customers will have an extensive choice of colours and textures to suit any decor. Our woven mesh fabrics come in a superb range of colours, patterns and privacy levels. The tighter the weave the higher the privacy level and shade protection.



PVC blinds for added privacy and are great for customers wanting to enclose their outdoor area fully. At the same time, these PVC blinds provide maximum protection from wind and rain with no loss of view. On cooler evenings they keep the heat inside an area creating a warm and snug space.

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Technical Spec


  • Heavy duty Axle
  • Premium long life fabrics
  • Heavy duty bottom rail
  • Deep channel guides
  • Available in most popular colorbond colours
  • 95% blockout & 99% block options


Outdoor Blinds operating options

Spring Assisted

With our spring-loaded Outdoor blind, you can effortlessly pull down and raise your blinds without using a chain drive. 

Hand Crank

Our Hand Crank is one of our most popular Outdoor Blind options, capable of reaching spans of 5.5m in width this strong versatile blind is perfect for any application. 


Motorised outdoor blinds are changing the way we think about light control, and rather than being a gimmick that adds novelty value more than anything else, the technology makes blinds stronger, more durable, and better.

Why Sell Outdoor Blinds?

  • Highly desirable product
  • Manufactured in S.A
  • Great profit margins
  • Easily installed
  • Great turnaround times with us
  • Long life durable mesh fabric
  • Easy to order
  • Just measure the space, we do the rest
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